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SEO tutorial for beginners for google traffic.

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How to get traffic by using SEO

Use Google’s keyword tool yet there are two things I need to talk about before showing how to use the Google keywords tool first for the seo.

There is a fundamental flaw and using the keyword tools for use. Is that Google built in this tool for Edwards and Edwards are also known as paper clicks and is advertising scene in the Google search engine on the top and right side due to this fact.

The second thing to understand is that the traffic numbers Google shares here are just estimations.

One might think that this estimation is fairly close to the real traffic numbers but from my personal experience that is not the case. In fact that I found their numbers to be quite off.

Google’s keyword tool for SEO

In part 2 of this module, I will show how I minimize this problem if the numbers are not accurate. It might seem that using the Google keywords tool may be a waste of time than more to weed out the keywords that have to traffic.

I am sure I miss out on a few keywords that actually do have some significant traffic but with so many keywords to analyze each out it actually is not such a bad thing. I am not just trying to vital don’t make a starter list to only the best keywords.

The final thing to be aware of is that Google can only minimize analyzing M.M. keywords at one time so it took me a couple of hours to go through twenty-six thousand keywords. It is not necessary to do this.

Many keywords part enjoy hunting for a diamond in the rough so I tend to go over overboard on my starter list without understanding. Let me walk you through how I use the Google keywords tool first.

I would like to check the box about only looking for closely related search terms. However, if I am doing more than 200 keywords at once I will get an error. When I begin a search it doesn’t necessarily make it clear why this is an error.

Better than I can check this box and run my search again. I don’t have an issue. I personally don’t want to curate almost 26000 keywords in that valley. I find I get better results if I can do make your words hunting in groups of 200 or less.

Next, I choose the country and focus on lives as your efforts. I do not recommend selecting the global option which is all countries I like to focus my efforts on a local level which is my country and not a global scale. I find I receive better data doing this after choosing the country I select the language again.

seo tutorial

I like to focus the language around the keywords I am trying to rank for the next option is a fairly recent addition to the keywords tool which is actually really cool and its ability to focus the keywords according to the device being used.

What is extremely interesting here is that Google does not give the option to focus on all the devices. Instead, I can focus on the desktop and laptop or mobile.

The reason Google is doing this is as you are actually different from mobile. Courses are around desktop laptops like you.

I plan to talk with a little tight about doing a mobile as Yoko’s down the road a few mobile gamers are all 20 percent of this is definitely significant and growing get desktop and laptop still makes up to 80 percent of their traffic and that’s why I am focusing on it first.

I pursued the Dave and the mobile-first approach will be quite a nemesis. But that day has not yet arrived.

Google’s keyword tool will also show Google’s global traffic which doesn’t help at all defaults of the competition found in adverts for these keywords which again are not for you. So I met them.

The second column of the information I request is the approximate cost advertiser paid for the keywords an advertiser with the Google dispatch it does not impact Google either but it helps me understand even more than the competitiveness exactly how valuable the keyword is doing this to be uncovered keywords that have low volume but obviously potential value.

Again it’s not always how much traffic a keyword provides. The final step for me is to actually download the keywords I have discovered which are found on the dropdown here on this. This is that I can do this and this cures my keywords ideas.

This basically is a list that you can create when doing multiple keyword searches. However, I found it to be really buggy so I just downloaded a search and added the Cubans to my starter list. If you followed all these steps you should have quite a comprehensive list of keywords that are shown on the estimation of traffic from Google.

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