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The power of testimonial video ads.

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The power of testimonial video ads.

Testimonial video ads are extremely useful when you’re trying to get new customers to buy from you, whether that be via your website or in person at trade shows and conventions.

With testimonial videos, you can cut out the middleman and let your customers say how great your product or service is. Here’s what you need to know about this effective advertising strategy.

What are they?

Testimonial video ads are videos that usually have the company’s spokesperson talking about how much they enjoyed a particular product and why they think it’s great.

These testimonial videos usually consist of someone talking straight to the camera, but in some cases, there may be footage showing them using the product in their everyday life.

In my opinion, testimonial video ads are more believable because they show a real person with their own thoughts on how much they liked and used a product.

This is opposed to an actor who has memorized a script and is reading from paper that’s been given to them for this specific purpose.

I feel like testimonial video ads can really grab your attention because you see somebody who you believe could be one of your friends or family members telling you about what they thought of a product.

Also, think that these types of advertisements can really connect with people because the people in these videos are not scripted actors; they’re just normal people telling you their honest opinions about a certain thing.

When done right, testimonial video ads can really resonate with viewers and provide an emotional connection as well as some concrete information such as price point or availability.

How do they work?

Companies using testimonial video ads usually offer a product or service. A customer will be chosen to use the product or service and submit a testimonial to the company on how they liked it.

The company will then make a video with the customer’s testimonial and post it on their website and social media channels.

Other potential customers can then see what other people have said about the company’s product or use that information to make decisions about whether they want to buy the product themselves.

It is a great way for potential buyers to get detailed information about products before making purchases and also allows companies to have successful word-of-mouth marketing campaigns by showcasing what their clients have said about them.

Testimonial video ads are an inexpensive way for businesses to generate new sales without having to spend money on advertising, so there are many benefits for both the companies creating these videos and those who watch them.

Where are they used?

In today’s competitive market, it is difficult to make a business stand out. One way that has been proven to work time and time again is testimonial video ads.

From restaurants to household products, testimonials are a great way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A recent study from Yale University found that consumers were 58% more likely to purchase an item when watching an ad with a testimonial video compared to if they saw just the commercial.

In addition, 43% of respondents reported being more confident in making their purchase decision. With these findings and many others like them, it is no wonder that testimonial videos are becoming more popular by the day – what do you think?

Video conferencing (VC) can also be helpful to use in order to speak face-to-face with someone across the country or even the world without needing to fly there yourself.

What would you say about using VC and one of our cameras together to create some powerful testimonial video ads?

We could interview people on Skype or Facetime for your company and then edit those interviews into professional-looking video clips. All this is done at your pace!

testimonial video ads

How do I make them?

The simple answer is to get testimonials. However, the goal is not just to get them but to gather the most powerful and authentic testimonials possible.

There are a lot of ways to go about doing this, but you will want it to sound as genuine as possible if you want it to have an impact on your potential customers.

A testimonial video ad that features real people saying why they love your company can be compelling because they are not coming from a script – they are coming from their heart!

Another great way to start gathering testimonials is by simply asking for them on social media or in in-person interactions.

Customers may need time to think before providing feedback, so don’t put too much pressure on them! When you do eventually receive feedback though, you should take what they say seriously.

Even if someone doesn’t like something about your business (even something small), chances are other people feel the same way and could provide feedback as well.

One of the best testimonial video ads is one where the person being interviewed says I’ve never been so happy with anything else. It’s clear that these two different products cannot even compare!

Examples of good ones

Using testimonial video ads is a great way to market your company and show the public that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Companies like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Sock Panda create their own testimonial videos, using customers or even just their employees to share how much they appreciate their products.

Other companies find influencers that have an established following on social media, like beauty blogger Huda Kattan with her TLC makeup line; it makes sense that followers would trust a product endorsed by someone they already admire.

And because this type of ad is so easy to produce and target, it can be very affordable. There’s no need to wait around for results either, as these types of ads typically get three times as many clicks as other types of content.

All in all, testimonial video ads are one way you can turn leads into conversions without breaking the bank.

Case study examples

John was so excited to be able to show his testimonial video ad on the dealership’s website. He loved that the video could offer prospective customers a window into the vehicle ownership experience before they even make an appointment with a sales consultant.

The dealership saw such a high conversion rate when they started running ads with testimonial videos on them and only wanted more!

A video testimonial ad is a great way to get potential clients to understand your business and what it has to offer without feeling pressured or pushed into something they might not want.

There are many different ways that you can go about this, whether you’re offering beauty services like spa treatments or hair salon packages, or providing long-term therapy for emotional healing, all it takes is an idea and some time!

You can use testimonial video ads to showcase your expertise in any field by showing people how easy and rewarding it is to work with you.

If you’re in need of help, start searching now and find out what type of solution fits best your needs!
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